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When their father goes missing, brothers Everett and Thomas struggle to make peace in their small island home. Their mother, Joyce, under heavy burden from the separation, tries desperately to make their house into a home again. When Everett, the youngest, starts having visions of a strange place, the family is at risk of never putting the pieces back together.


In 2012 I was able to travel with my good friend Cameron to his relative's quiet island off of the coast of Maine, in the town of St. George. Teel Island. During my stay I became captivated by its stillness and the haze that rested like a blanket over the water. I wanted to tell a story here.

Music by: Kings of Convenience - "Freedom & Its Owner"

Forgive the jerky shots. It was another time. Glad I didn't try to make The Commission back then. Anyway.

When I got home, I looked back to an idea that I jotted down after my Freshman year of college about a kid who gets lost sleepwalking in the night. It was the perfect setting, but the story was empty. Nothing to drive it. For 4 years I sat on the idea, fishing for something to latch on to.

Cameron introduced me to Maine artist, Andrew Wyeth (below). His reserved depictions of New England and the people within it reeled me in instantly. As I flipped through the art books and stared in the galleries I began to see characters emerge from the canvases. Some paintings would later reflect & inspire events in The Commission.

2016 rolls around, and what do ya know? The election happens, graduation happens, jobs happen, social life changes, people move away, responsibilities steepen, we start to feel ... lost. As if our life has only flashed before our eyes just a moment ago. Have I been asleep all along?

Questions were not met with answers.

I woke up.

I shared my scribbles of blurt-outs and brain farts with my good friend and roommate, Zack. It was coming together. We teamed up and put our heads down. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly.

I'll spare you the details.

Now, it is 2018. We have completed almost ALL of the pre-production needed to make this film a reality, and we are going BACK to Teel Island for principle photography. Patience is truly a virtue. Rewrites are truly a bitch.

Thank you to all who read this far. Your support means the world.

If you are able and would like to donate to The Commission's future, a link will be provided below.